Stochastic Oracle

(2022) Installation


The exhibition Chance and Choice is the result of the collaboration between Heike Kati Barath, Lui Kohlmann and Julian Hespenheide where the three explored the motif of randomness, selection and choice.


Dimensions: 0.8m × 1.8m × 0.3m
Materials: Modified Screen, Raspberry Pi 4, Black Aluminum Profiles, Polarisation Foil, custom 3D Printed Parts
Custom software running Processing 4

In her component “A portrait of some-no-one” for The Dynamic Archive, Heike Kati Barath, encourages visitors of the archive to change, draw, add, reflect, print, scan, make it move or make it what you want. look for a portrait. Her work is a vast array of smaller components, drawn and in text form, that can be re-arranged to form new output. In the Circa106 space, Kati showed, for the fist time in an exhibition context, her video animation instead of her paintings and drawings.

Lui Kohlmann and Julian Hespenheide took Kati’s invitation to form versions of the original component.

“A portrait of some quadropods” is Lui’s contribution. She created anthropomorphic life forms, so-called Quadropods, gave them shapes and new forms of expression and transferred them from the archive to the real life as a small of archive of artefacts.

Julian’s version of the component is called “Stochastic Oracle”. It takes in the contours and eyes of the original component as a sort of database and combines it with randomness to permutate outcomes for the future. Texts that are generated from the software are tightly bound to I Ching (the Book of Changes) a chinese divination manual for cleromancy.

Chance and Choice is the fifth installment of the Program Version Room related to the project The Dynamic Archive in the space of Circa 106.

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