Sport (2010)

„Sport“ is a book. „Sport“ is an attempt to describe Human-Computer dynamics in sports. „Sport“ is about abstract thinking, algorithmic systems and rule based, interactive activities.

Sports are systems,
defined by rules,
executed by people.

Algorithms are rules,
defined by people,
executed in systems.

The book starts with a short description of the 70’s movie „Rollerball“, in which different sports are mixed together to create one brutal and cruel, fast-paced system. The next chapter the book comes up with a few rules: What is relevant about sports? How is sport connected to rules, individuals, teams, the mass media, time, fitness, interactions and digital media. After a short intermezzo, the authors of the book describe their hack of the popular sport: Football. Every author tries to create a new kind of football sport, including different new things, such as statistics, random encounters, new perspectives or a new kind of playfield.

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In collaboration with Hendrik Heuer, Felix Heibeck, Michele Krüger, Daria Birkner