Seltene Lichtmomente

(2019) Light sculpture


“Seltene Lichtmomente (rare moments of light) is an artistic commissioned work. It floats in the air between the first and second floors of the Neues Bauhaus Museum Weimar as a prelude to the permanent exhibition. The work refers to the famous Bauhaus manifesto by Walter Gropius. Published in the spring of 1919 and sent all over the world by the school, the manifesto inspired many young people to come to the Bauhaus in Weimar. In the history of art, reformers and innovators worked with the symbol of light, but since the last century light has also proved to be an effective means of advertising. The central statements of the manifesto radiate dynamically from the filigree structure.”
Text by TheGreenEyl


Dimensions: 4m × 3m × 0.5m
Materials: LED (720 × 30 Pixels) , Steel, Aluminum, Polycarbonate diffusor
Custom software running Processing 3 and controlling lights over ArtNet
Photos by Studio TheGreenEyl

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