Tether presents a series of everyday artifacts which are re-designed to make digital information perceptible.

Ever growing amounts of digital information are swirling all around us. Mostly imperceptible to human senses. Tether attempts to come to an understanding of the avalanche of information by transforming everyday artifacts into translation devices. The project aims to find new ways of encoding and communicating information in a more natural, new or maybe even frightening and intimidating way.

Tether makes use of a special custom generative software tool, which juxtaposes random everyday artifact with random information source.

A modified metronome is able to output any given data send by the program. A small motor inside of the metronome can manipulate the height of the metronome’s bob and thus the generated sound. The bracelet works in a smiliar fashion by utilizing a small whip on a motor. The holder of the bracelet gets whipped when the dataflow changes.

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