daydream (2021)

daydream is a dynamic entrance installation for Jianping He’s solo exhibition that took place in March 2021 in Shenzhen, China. On 1.200-square-meters „Jumping He“ presents his works reviewing his graphic design achievements of the past 25 years. At Studio TheGreenEyl we took upon the chance to crawl through an archive of 25 years of his professional work and build an immersive and dynamic installation for new visitors going into the exhibition.

Based on a quad-tree algorithm, assets from He’s archives are put together to describe and sharpen an underlying mask layer.

About the exhibition title He says: „In daydreaming, new ideas can be sparked through my divergent reviews of what I experienced.“

Dimensions: 20m × 3m
Materials: LED (3p)
Custom software running Processing 3
Photos by Studio TheGreenEyl and local installation team