(2014) an alternative sensory assisted (auto) follow focus system for dslrs


Sensopoda is a sensory-assisted focus system for filming with DSLR cameras. Instead of using the internal autofocus system of a camera, which was mainly developed as an aid in taking pictures in photo mode, Sensopoda gives the filmmaker the ability to freely control the focus of the lense in video mode. There is no need for a second camera operator to pull the focus from one object to another anymore. Furthermore due to its flexible plug-and-play + automated calibration approach, Sensopoda is a system that fits into every possible existing filming set-up. Starting from simple tripods to spider and wheel rigs, to different camera body types and lenses, e.g. Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony and all their respective lenses that at least offer a manual focus ring.

Sensopoda is a system, that bridges a technology gap of a more flexible auto-focus with especially DSLR cameras while filming. It supports the filmmaker with pulling the focus automatically with the help of a mid-range proximity sensor and thus allows the filmmaker to concentrate more on the own movement and composition of the frame.

› Product Design / Technology

Exhibited at:
Hochschultage 2015 (07.02 – 08.02.2015), Hochschule für Künste Bremen, Germany

In collaboration with Jonas Otto

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