(2011) Antropomorphic Artefact


Daily interactions with (faulty) pieces of technology result in a more intimate way leaning towards our devices. Caring for an old device is almost as important to some of us as taking care of their own child. This project explores this kind of interaction and attributing human features to non-human artefacts by utilizing a small spherical artefact, namely „WILD“ (wireless intelligent living device) and a buttonless, flexible and free-formable controlling unit „TAME“ (twisted alternative motivation enhancer).

The spherical artefact has a rich sensory system, being able to sense its own rotation, acceleration and even the surround electromagnetic field. WILD is being propelled by 30 pistons evenly spread across the spherical surface and thus allowing it to roll forwards, backwards or any given direction by the meta-input controller TAME, to which it connected wirelessly. Directions given by a person through TAME to WILD are not direct commands, but rather more empathic actions. This interaction evokes more of reflection and dialogue instead of just giving inputs. The sperical artefact can have a bad day, which is decided on the go by algorithms, and may ignore the input constantly. A slight tilt or a more aggressive approach could or could not solve this problem.

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In collaboration with Hendrik Heuer, Felix Heibeck, Michele Krüger, Wiebke Roetman

The inner life of the artefact is expressed through surface animations via the 30 pistons and can be ultimately seen as its behavior. Another aspect of its mood can be felt in a heartbeat, which can be sensed through vibrations in the controller.

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