TMC2130 Arduino Wiring

In my latest work *Continuous Erosion* I (finally) got to use the super slick and quiet TMC2130 stepper drivers. They are awesome! The version I am working with is the one from FYSETC: white pcb with the blue thermal relief element.

One thing I noticed while researching these bad boys was how equally badly documented they are for a quick setup. I ended up looking at bunch of RUMBA and RAMP diagrams for reasons I understand but someone who just wants to play around with these drivers might be lost.
Although I found some wiring for the TMC2100 – the more basic version of this driver without the SPI interface. The TMC2100 version doesn’t need a connection between the Microcontroller and CS Pin (Chip Select) and when I applied the diagram, my TMC2130 wouldn’t work right away. Or maybe I have missed that important part somewhere.

Anyways, here is a quick wiring diagram for the TMC2130.
The TMC2130Stepper library works great, even with the NodeMCU V3 I am currently using.

* This wiring diagram is for stealthChop mode.