Hardmood’s Zoanthroid

Felix is definetely one of my early inspirations.

i could make the connection from his Zoanthroid with WILD&TAME, throwing in Tether for good measure, maybe Sensopoda and of course The Assembly.

What am I trying to say here?
In his Meisterschüler project, Felix Beck wanted to do „something with sea urchins“. He built a hybrid media object, that would be classified in the animalia kingdom as a anthozoa.
The way he presents his project really inspired and provoked some thoughts I had. Back then, working on WILD&TAME and only being presented with Felix‘ work, the W&T project got a new drift and was converted from being a mere simple toy and upgraded to a (more or less) proper artefact of a story.
Tho it never got the proper documentation treatment (wall charts like in biology books) it was sufficient enough.

In Tether, networking was a huge topic. How do we connect everyday objects and what do we want from the Internet of Things. Excursion into this field. Working on a style, getting materials to know.

Sensopoda: Rapid-prototyping, material studies, working on style and putting in some subtle nods towards the zoanthroid by putting a camera assistant tool in the order of Octopoda.

The Assembly: Robots + Algorithms, Nature + Staging = Storytelling
In Assembly it made the most sense to me. Combining staged photography of (ded) animals and so called giphoscopes as substitutes for display, one could explore the space inbetween what the picture was saying and what the giphoscopes was trying to show you.

If I now take from every project a bit, follow my ongoing traing of thoughts over the years and put my aquired skills together, I think this is where you will find my thesis‘ end product then.

Coherent storytelling, critical aspects, physical objects that will have function and maybe a bit of staging magic, to give it a spin.