Cheap pH Meter

months ago I came across this article by AlexShu on a Cheap pH meter hack for Arduino

I ordered parts on Amazon right away (beginning of february) , but thank the chinese heavens I only got them a few days ago. this is bad. not even AliExpress is that slow, unless they lose two total parcels – which I totally needed.

so the moral here is:
– if you got time to spare and don’t have so much money and you are also prepared to take some risks: go the chinese route. aliexpress. worst case: you have to talk to the seller and resolve everything in a dispute and ask for your money back. i had to do this twice.
– if you are wealthy enough. just buy the stuff at your local online shop and receive the goods within few days.

anyway. here is one of those beauties which is going to get a proper hacking treatment the next few days.

i am excited!

IMG_6011 IMG_6007 IMG_6010