Works in progress

An attempt at collecting the intangible process of creation.

Finished projects don't materialize out of thin air. This hub page is my wish to encapsulate the on-going process of projects I've started and that have already reached a certain maturity level, so that we can look at them and speak with them. In my works I put the process first, since no project is ever finished. Like software has versions, released project are also just snapshots.

Very similar, but ultimately way much more simpler, than a Git versioning system I am giving my future projects a "working directory" and also "staging area" here before the "commit" to the official channels is in order.

Another idea, or let's call it more my "dark why", is to collect locally whatever things I send out to the world to all the different social media platforms, eg. Twitter, Instagram, Threads, TikTok, Fediverse etc. pp

Repetitions (WIP) : 20%


Some Assembly Required : 72%


Scarfs : 69%