Some Assembly Required



Open Edition (I Guess?? Sorry, I forgot to ask the curators)

Platform: ZORA

Concept points (loosely):

– Even though this is supposed to be an OE, you should be able to configure your Token to your likings via URL params 🙂

– Commodore 64 colors turned gradients (Shift from late 80s to early 2000s)

– Customizable through parameters: Random seed, element amount

– Renders in HTML Dom instead of a graphical canvas. Tries to bring in some effects from CSS

РPick one of your favorite clich̩ algorithms (Circular, 10 PRINT CHR$, Sine Wave, Random Walkers)

– Axis can be mirrored. Character sets probably too?

– Interpolation (when a driving variable is used): Linear / Exponential

– Spacer that „pushes“ space or one that „leaves“

– Variable Font

– Gradiant background (Circular or Linear?)

– Weighted mode on/off

– High quality render / low quali performance

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