Today, algorithms take on the role of human narrators on behalf of social media groups, publishing houses, parties and other abstruse groups. Mistakes, false reports or tales of lies have not disappeared; instead, they flourish on the unprecedented acceleration of their spread as well as increasingly sophisticated tools of their automatic creation.

Installation in the special exhibition HörenSAGEN at GRIMMWELT Kassel, runtime: November 2017 – May 2018.
10 Raspberry Pi, 1 Camera, 8 Monitors, Flipdot Display (196×14 Dots), 70″ Display, Electronics

Creative Direction: TheGreenEyl
Technical Direction & Hardware: Julian Hespenheide
Production: Felix Kraemer, Shu-hua Chang
Code & Content: Julian Hespenheide, Frédéric Eyl
Mechanics & Set-up: Finn Blümel, Shu-hua Chang

Made as part of TheGreenEyl