The theory of subtractive color mixing provides the core mechanics for VÄRI. The player is presented with towers that generate fields of colors in cyan, magenta or yellow. These fields are only activated by the heartbeat of the central tower, and only if it is in range. According to color, each field can then trigger towers of its own color, which in turn shoot the upcoming enemies. While only fields of yellow active yellow towers etc., more advanced towers demand the combination of two. With the red, green and blue towers each consisting of the combination of two, VÄRI’s ultimate tower, while only as a concept, would require all fields at once, making it the black tower. Since a tower can only attack enemies of it’s own color ( or a subcolor thereof ), this manifests in an approach to rethink the class system of common tower defense games.

VÄRI was awarded the 1st place in the category „Best Design“ at the local Game Jam venue in Bremen, Germany.

› Game Design ( Art Direction, Interface Design, Logo Design)

In collaboration with Michele Krüger, Felix Heibeck, Hendrik Heuer, Sarina Walter

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cuboino – Extending Physical Games. An Example

The video for „cuboino – Extending Physical Games. An Example.“ is featuring the result of Felix Heibeck’s bachelor thesis. In 2:30 min. the video shows in a playful manner, what the project „cuboino“ is all about.


Alien Intelligent Lifeform Aila is a small foreign hybrid, stranded off course one day thus finding itself in a new world. Aila needs to learn and adapt to find its way back home, and face the numerous challenges, from every angle. Although Aila can change her biological presence, every new perspective, brings new adventures.

Seeing is believing? You can’t see at night unless you’re a bat, you can’t see underwater unless you’re a fish. You don’t see what is behind your back or behind obstacles. One lifeform isn’t superior, just more adapted. For now…

Meet Aila, a little alien stranded on earth with the ability to turn into animals and adapt to their senses and vision of their „Umwelt“.

In this fast-paced game for the iPhone you play as Aila in one of her six animal forms to rush through different stages, collect things and try to avoid traps. While playing you have to deal with the actual perception of your current animal. Work in progress

› Game Design ( Artworks, Sprite & Logo Design, Art Direction)

In collaboration with Felix Heibeck, Michele Krüger

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Memories lie within everything, but what if our audio and also visual memory is gone and only the sense of touch in our subconsiousness of certain things remains – with no option to express it anymore.

› Video Work ( Director of Photography, Cut, Effects)

In collaboration with Supaksirin Wongsilp

Time & Space

Photo journey across Bali, Indonesia. Since I’ve been to Bali several times as a kid I wanted to see the rich balinese culture again with adult eyes and understanding.

Photos were taken as part of a photography course I had in Art School in Thailand.
Lecturer: Simon Larbalestier

› Photography


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